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Debtor Public Entry No

Hi there!

I'm using SOAP API and function Debtor_GetData does not return to me PublicEntryNumber. Also this field is not available through interface. How can I enable this?
created Jul 30, 2015 by CloudIT
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1 Answer

Hi CloudIT

Public Entry Number is the BuyerPartyAccountCode of OIOXML
It is used EAN/Nemhandel electronic invoicing.
You may find the field on the "Additional" tab for the customer.

There should not be any extraordinary need to 'enable' the field.
answered Aug 3, 2015 by olej
edited Aug 6, 2015 by olej
Updated: The Public Entry Number is "Internt konteringsnummer" / BuyerPartyAccountCode used for EAN invoicing.
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