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I'm suddenly experiencing the following error after connecting to the Economic service using Java:

Economic.Api.Exceptions.AuthenticationException(E02250): Not logged in - could not resolve authenticationContext (id=695a8ae1-9c9a-4c3f-851a-b2a27afc719a)
The code I have used, for a number of years now, is as follows:
EconomicWebServiceLocator locator = new EconomicWebServiceLocator();
EconomicWebServiceSoap session = locator.getEconomicWebServiceSoap();
String ses = session.connect(<Agreement>, <User>, <Password>);
CashBookHandle cashBookHandle = session.cashBook_FindByNumber(7);  // Error occurs at this line

A similar thing happened last year, and it seemed to be linked to some changes that the API team had made. See this link:



I'd be grateful to hear from any others who are having the same problem, and from the API team as to whether any recent changes could have caused the problem. I first noticed the problem on 31st July.

As I said, I've been using the code successfully for a number of years, so I suspect there may have been a change to the API that has caused the problem.

Many thanks,


created Aug 3, 2015 by mrbriandarnell
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1 Answer

Unfortunately there is a problem with the http request cookie header delimiter in Axis/JAX/Java frameworks that causes failure in authorisation. Axis et al use comma (,) as delimiter whereas the standard defines the need of semicolon (;) (RFC6265).
This used to be a non-issue until recently when we introduced a second cookie header.
We released a grace fix for http requests with non standard cookie header on Wednesday August 5th.
In the long run our patching around standards isn't a viable solution and we highly recommend you fix it by patching your framework to use semicolon as delimiter.
We have taken steps to ensure that we check for this but cannot guarantee it will never break again for a clients sending non-standard cookie headers.
answered Aug 7, 2015 by olej
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