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Debtor_FindByName Debtor_GetDataArray


These two lines works very well, I get all the given information from all debitors. 

$debtorHandles = $client->Debtor_GetAll()->Debtor_GetAllResult->DebtorHandle;
$debtorDataObjects = $client->Debtor_GetDataArray(array('entityHandles' => $debtorHandles))-> Debtor_GetDataArrayResult->DebtorData;
But When i Use This, I only get the number:
$debtor_name =  'Schmidt & Co.';     //mysql_real_escape_string($_POST['firma_quick']);
$debtorHandle = $client->Debtor_FindByName(array('name' => $debtor_name))->Debtor_FindByNameResult;
$debtorDataObjects = $client->Debtor_GetDataArray(array('entityHandles' => $debtorHandle))-> Debtor_GetDataArrayResult->DebtorData;
<?php   foreach ($debtorDataObjects as $i => $debtorData) {   ?>
<form action="order.php?firma_id=<?php echo $debtorData->Number  ;?>" method="post">
<td><?php print $debtorData->Number ?>&nbsp;</td>
<td><?php print $debtorData->Name ?>&nbsp;</td>
<td><?php print $debtorData->Address ?>&nbsp;</td>
<td><?php print $debtorData->PostalCode ?>&nbsp;</td>
<td><?php print $debtorData->City ?>&nbsp;</td>
<td><?php print $debtorData->Country ?>&nbsp;</td>
<td class="white_field">
<input type="hidden" name="action" value="show_orders">
<input type="hidden" name="debtor_number" value="<?php print $debtorData->Number ?>">
<input type="submit" value="Opret ordre">


created Aug 15, 2015 by suulut
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2 Answers

Best answer
Debtor_FindByName: the result is one debtor, therefore $debtorDataObjects should be:
$debtorDataObjects = $client->Debtor_GetData(array('entityHandle' => $debtorHandles))->Debtor_GetDataResult;
Debtor_GetData: Handles only data from one debtor
Debtor_GetDataArray: Handles data from two or more debtors.
ALSO the foreach line needs to be changed to: $debtor = $debtorDataObjects;
instead of: <?php   foreach ($debtorDataObjects as $i => $debtorData) {   ?>
the right print is:
<?php   $debtor = $debtorDataObjects;  ?>
<form action="order.php?firma_id=<?php echo $debtorData->Number  ;?>" method="post">
<td><?php print $debtorData->Number ?>&nbsp;</td>
<td><?php print $debtorData->Name ?>&nbsp;</td>
<td><?php print $debtorData->Address ?>&nbsp;</td>


answered Oct 5, 2015 by suulut
Hi suulut

Debtor_FindByName takes a string and not an object.
answered Sep 8, 2015 by olej


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