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Discounts as an amount?


I know it is possible to set the discount of an orderline as a percentage. But this is not sufficient, because of rounding errors etc. when importing orders from other systems. In fact, it is totally impossible to import orders from German systems, if they contain some sort of discount, because of the different VAT rates!

I belive, it should be a small change in the API in order to get it to support discount as an amount. Would you please consider implementing this?


- Kasper
created Aug 30, 2015 by nybohansen
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1 Answer

Hi Kasper

As you've indeed found out we don't support setting discount as an amount on the line. But we do support that you create a "Discount" product that you add as a separate line to the invoice on which you set a negative amount.
answered Sep 8, 2015 by olej
Unfortunately this is not enough.

Imaging the following scenario, where an order has two items with different tax rates and different discounts:
Item1(tax rate 9%) discount = 100.-
Item2(tax rate 25%) discount = 200.-

Given the above scenario, how would you define the tax rate of the discount item?
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