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Account balance at a specific date with rest and jquery

Which is the easiest way to get an account balance at a specific date? The balance property only gives the current balance if I understand correct?
created Sep 5, 2015 by kevlin79
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1 Answer

Hi kevlin79 There is no way in the API to get account balance for a specific date. The API is not geared towards reporting. There is a report tool in e-conomic for this though. But through API it's a no-go.
answered Sep 8, 2015 by olej
Hi Olej,

Many thanks for the swift answer. The report tool, is it the sie-fil export you mean?

A bit curious, a competitor (link below) claim to have a direct integration with E-conomic, making it able to transfer figures from E-conomic to their app. How is this possible?


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