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Creating order with variants

Hi, I need to create an order using product variants, but have not been able to find a way to do that. If this is not possible, order-integration with e-conomic is impossible for all customers using variants for handling stock. I believe this must quite a large number of users. Thanks for any help.
created Sep 15, 2015 by qabi
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2 Answers

Hi qabi

What is your code for this, if it is in php i might be able to help you
answered Sep 16, 2015 by suulut
Thanks for your response.

I am doing it in Java. But if you can show me something in PHP, I can easily understand it.
Hi Qabi,

Stock variants are not exposed in the API, and it is not something we plan to expose anytime soon either.
answered Sep 16, 2015 by rbb
That's disappointing.

I wonder why so many features in e-conomic are only half-implemented.

Since variants are the only sane way to handle products with many variants, I assume that many customers use these. But the e-conomic people do not wish to offer API integration (for order creation) to these customers?

(If in doubt, consider the case of creating an order in the GUI which includes 50 lines, that are different variants of 3 products. That means entering 50 lines manually, with price, discount, text, etc. instead of just 3 lines, and then multiple quantities for each).

I guess we need to go looking for something better. Sigh...
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