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Order_CreateFromData fails with an internal error

Hi, I am currently trying to create an order through the SOAP API and here is my request and the response: Request: http://pastebin.com/WLinrS8h Response: http://pastebin.com/mZFw2Xnd Can you guys tell me why I get an internal error? If it is an invalid value, then it should throw a validator-exception instead. Kind regards Anders Olsen
created Sep 16, 2015 by andersHTML24
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edited Sep 16, 2015 by andersHTML24
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It looks like you might be setting the VatZone incorrectly. If you have an ExtendedVatZone handle then try to use the Number property rather than the Name property when creating an order.
answered Sep 16, 2015 by rbb
selected Sep 17, 2015 by andersHTML24
Thank you for the answer.

I also got an email from the support-team with a more thorough explanation:
Debtors use the old VatZone which is strings (HomeCountry, Abroad, etc).

Orders, Invoices, etc uses the new ExtendedVatZone, but calls it VatZone.

This is where my confusion came from.
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