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CurrentInvoiceLine_CreateFromData need handle, id and number

in CurrentInvoiceLine_CreateFromData an Id, a Number and a Handle is needed but I can't seem to figure out which data goes here, it allready have a ProductHandle and an InvoiceHandle. is it posible to leave out any of the parameters or maybe see the default somewhere, because im not sure what to set delivery date for on the line and the InventoryLocationHandle i get this erro msg atm. "soap:Client: Economic.Api.Exceptions.ValidationException(E04010): A CurrentInvoiceLine needs a reference to a CurrentInvoice. Not all lines sent have such a reference. (id=6754f928-baf5-41d2-9ea1-ad5c72c06541)"
created Sep 22, 2015 by consendo
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Hi Consendo

The Handle is an extra object wrapping ID and Number. You don't have these beforehand on a Create method.
What you do have though (and why you get the error), is because you need to define the invoiceHandle to tell the system which CurrentInvoice the line belongs to:


answered Oct 5, 2015 by olej
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