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Debtor_GetData with php

for this search there is only one debtor post, therefore i'm using Debtor_GetData But I only get the number, and fault on he rest: //$debtorHandle = "*".$_POST['partialName']."*"; $debtorHandle = $client->Debtor_FindByName(array('name' => 'SUPER-1 V/GUNNER LARSEN'))->Debtor_FindByNameResult->DebtorHandle; $debtorDataObjects = $client->Debtor_GetData(array('entityHandle' => $debtorHandle))->Debtor_GetDataResult; foreach ($debtorDataObjects as $i => $debtorData) { ?> ">
Number;?>" method="post"> <?php print $debtorData->Number ?>  <?php print $debtorData->Name ?>  <?php print $debtorData->Address ?>  <?php print $debtorData->PostalCode ?>  <?php print $debtorData->City ?>  Number ?>"> <?php } ?>
created Oct 2, 2015 by suulut
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1 Answer


delete the loop: foreach ($debtorDataObjects as $i => $debtorData) { ?>

And ad: $debtorData =$debtorDataObjects;

 GET_DATA is not an array, therefor no loop is needed.


answered Oct 5, 2015 by suulut
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