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Use ConnectWithToken


Hi guys,

I'm new to e-conomic and new to SOAP!  I've taken on a small project for a client that needs to retrieve and send information to e-conomic via the SOAP interface.  

At the bottom of the tutorials page, there is this xml for ConnectWithToken:

"Note that in the section below, "token" refers to the access ID, and "appToken" refers to the private access ID:"
<ConnectWithToken xmlns="http://e-conomic.com">

The problem is that none of the IDs match the verbiage in this statement!  I have a Public ID, Private App ID and Token ID.  I don't have a token, I don't have an accessID, appToken or private access ID.

I'm using SoapUI to do testing with and I always get a faultstring back from the server, looking like this:

<faultstring>Economic.Api.Exceptions.AuthenticationException(E02250): Not logged in - could not resolve authenticationContext. This may be caused by invalid session cookie header. Read more at: https://www.e-conomic.com/developer/about-the-soap-api. (id=UUID)</faultstring>

I replaced a UUID string there with just UUID in case it needs to be private!


Question 1:  What exactly goes into the token and apptoken?

Question 2:  Can this be sent as part of another SOAP function, like for example accounts_getAll or does it need to be sent on it's own?  (I've tried both, same results)

Any help would be immensely appreciated:)

Best regards,

Arnor Baldvinsson
Icetips Alta LLC

created Oct 12, 2015 by ArnorBld
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3 Answers

I also have same problem !

Did you find any solution Arnor ?


answered Oct 23, 2015 by janhjordie
It is a bit confusing.

Private Token = AppToken

Token Id = Token

Hope that helps.
answered Oct 23, 2015 by rbb

We have updated the documentation since. Sorry about the confusion and thank you for detailing what caused it.


Note that in the section below, "token" refers to the token ID returned when installing the app, and "appToken" refers to the private app ID from the Developer tab:

<ConnectWithToken xmlns="http://e-conomic.com">

answered Oct 23, 2015 by olej
Visma e-conomic A/S