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Help creating CashBook with CashBookEntry_CreateFromData


I am trying to create a Cash Book Entry - but having alot of trouble!!!
I am sending this:

Array (
[Type] => FinanceVoucher
[cashBookHandle] => Array ( [Number] => 1 )
[AccountHandle] => Array ( [Number] => 1907 )
[ContraAccountHandle] => Array ( [Number] => 3333 )
[Date] => 2015-10-26T08:00:00
[VoucherNumber] => 2
[Text] => Beskrivelse
[AmountDefaultCurrency] => 1000
[Amount] => 1000
[CurrencyHandle] => Array ( [Code] => DKK )


But getting this error: Economic.Api.Exceptions.ValidationException(E04010): The cash book may not be null. (id=cff64ce6-875e-490c-98e4-5ebbd7768b92) at row index:0


created Oct 26, 2015 by mortendammadsen
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1 Answer

Hi Morten,

I am sorry for not getting to this sooner. The error message tells you that the CashBookHandle is null. I don't know if that could be because of the casing. Try changing the lower case c to an uppercase C.

You can find a list of available CashBooks by calling CashBook_GetAll.

If you keep getting this error, then contact us at api@e-conomic.com
answered Nov 18, 2015 by rbb
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