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Api aceess Library for .net in Setting the X-EconomicAppIdentifier header



As it is required to set all SOAP API requests include a valid X-EconomicAppIdentifier header  from 16 november.so i am going to do that. In creating  X-EconomicAppIdentifier header, i add identifies the name and version of the app,supply a link to where more information can be found as well as a contact email as said in http://techtalk.e-conomic.com/e-conomic-soap-api-now-requires-you-to-specify-a-custom-x-economicappidentifier-header/?utm_campaign=2626709&utm_content=14781460610&utm_medium=email&utm_source=Emailvision

i am working .net and consuming EconomicWebService service & creating client of type EconomicWebServiceSoapClient.So what should be my name and version of the library used to access the api.They said PHP-SOAP or Python-httplib for Php and Python respectively.what will be for .net?Please let me know




created Nov 11, 2015 by sabbir
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Hi Sabbir,

The name and version of your .NET library would be something like this:

answered Nov 18, 2015 by rbb
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