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I am trying to create a customer and order with the SOAP API. The API itself works okay, but I am missing some more detailed documentation. Currently I have questions related to creating a debtor (Debtor_CreateFromData) like the following:

How do I find the correct VatZone number/value to input?
How do I find the correct ExtendedVatZone number? It seems that these can only be looked up from a number?
Why is a "handle number" (first field) provided from the client to the server, and what should this be?
Can unneeded values like for example "PublicEntryNumber" be omitted entirely?
Thanks in advancce for any help :)



created Nov 12, 2015 by qabi
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Hi qabi,
You shouldn't use the VatZone property anymore. This is only in the API for backwards compatibility. 
Handles are strongly typed ids. So a handle is in essense a reference to another entity in the API.
Values you don't need can be omited. 
Best regards
answered Nov 18, 2015 by rbb
selected Nov 19, 2015 by qabi
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