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Configuring Savon SOAP client for the new headers requirements

I am unsuccessfully trying to add the X-EconomicAppIdentifier header using the Rconomic Ruby gem (https://github.com/lokalebasen/rconomic).
  # Returns a Savon::Client to connect to the e-conomic endpoint
  # Cached on class-level to avoid loading the big WSDL file more than once (can
  # take several hundred megabytes of RAM after a while...)
  def client
    @@client ||= Savon.client do
      wsdl      File.expand_path(File.join(File.dirname(__FILE__), "economic.wsdl"))
      log       false
      log_level :info
Do you have any idea how to add it?


created Nov 25, 2015 by usux
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1 Answer

I am not a ruby developer, and I do not know the library you mention.

But the thing to look for is a way to add a standard HTTP header. Be sure not to confuse this with a SOAP header.
answered Nov 27, 2015 by rbb
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