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Account_GetEntryTotalsByDate incoming balance

The totals returned by Account_GetEntryTotalsByDate (for complete accounting 
year) sometimes includes incoming balance (OpenEntry entry) and sometimes not.

For my demo client there are no OpenEntrys at all, for another client all years 
except 2015 have OpenEntrys.  How can I know whether incoming balance is 
included?  If it's not there I can calculate it, but if it's sometimes there
sometimes not it's difficult.  

This seems to have happened this year a copule of months back, my demo client used to have OpenEntrys.


created Nov 25, 2015 by eivfjeld
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1 Answer

Hi eivfjeld

Please contact API support (api@e-conomic.com).
answered Dec 8, 2015 by olej
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