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DiscountGroup (Line discount) / retrieving using API


My client is using the "Lager / Inventory" addon and therefore has group-discount. Im trying to retrieve the info using API and cannot find any calls i can make to get that info using SOAP api



Do you have an other api for that or how can i retrieve the discount?

I'll be using this info to auto create orders in e-conomic with predefined customers and using their respective discounts. The ordering page will only contain info on "normal-price / vejl. salgspris


The closest thing i have come to a similar problem in this forum is a thread from 2013..



Thats 2 years ago

created Dec 2, 2015 by welrachid
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answered Dec 7, 2015 by DennisRas
selected Dec 7, 2015 by olej
Hi Dennis

Thank you for thoroughly documenting the debate. Debtor and DebtorGroup discounts are as you say not exposed via API.

One might also look for the answer at:

With regards to SOAP it would be a breaking change for an API that has reached feature-freeze and thus is highly unlikely to happen.

We would very much like to expose these on REST though.
Hej Ole.
Im not sure what those two webservice methods should give me.

My client have some customers with discounts on certain products. I want to retrieve that product discount for that client, so that when i "create" the order it has the correct standard values that would be for exactly this client.
Hi Ole (@olej),

Do you have a roadmap or a to-do list anywhere we can track or do you know when this could be exposed through REST maybe?

The links you provided don't really relate to this issue honestly, as they give no data at all for this matter.

Thanks for taking your time to answer.
OleJ wrote me an email that might give you a little clue.

Ole J (e-conomic API Support)

9. dec. 14.20

Hej Wel

Tak for din mail.

Ca. midt i denne nyhedsmail: https://www.e-conomic.com/news/developer-newsletter-archive/05-08-2015-api-updates-on-soap-and-rest
Nævner vi så meget roadmap som vi p.t. har.
Her vil vi bl.a. gribe fat /customers og med lidt held få tid til at tage rabatfeltet på kunde og kundegruppe med.

Hvad angår lagermodulet, så har det meget begrænset eksponering i SOAP og ingen eksponering i REST.
På sigt vil vi gerne eksponere lager i REST også, men det ligger et rigtig godt stykke ude i fremtiden og ikke i øjeblikket på vores udspecificerede roadmap.
Når vi når til lager på REST vil vi have rabatgrupper med i vores overvejelser.

Best Regards / Med venlig hilsen
Ole J
API Support
Visma e-conomic A/S