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Enable VAT for /invoices-experimental/drafts

Whenever I run a subscription batch in the sales tab (under subscription) the VAT(Yes/No) checkbox will automatically be checked on the invoice(s) created.

However, whenever I create an invoice through the REST API /invoice-experimental/drafts it isn't.

Can I somehow automatically enable VAT for invoices created through /invoice-experimental/drafts? or is this something you will be looking at for /invoices-experimental/booked?
created Dec 9, 2015 by tjeb4a
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Hi tjeb4a

/invoices-experimental invoice drafts must have the VatZone defined on the recipient object of the invoice:

"recipient": {
        "address": "Sesame Street 15",
        "name": "Woolly Wombat",
        "vatZone": {
            "enabledForCustomer": true,
            "enabledForSupplier": true,
            "name": "Domestic",
            "self": "https://restapi.e-conomic.com/vat-zones/1",
            "vatZoneNumber": 1
Are you defining this according to your /customer settings when creating your invoices?
answered Dec 14, 2015 by olej
Hi Olej,
I am defining the said properties

This is the JSON string I pass to the REST API:

I'm getting information from the SOAP API's Debtor, which is why the name is HomeCountry. However, it changes nothing if I manually overwrite it to "Domestic".

This is the invoice draft view in E-conomic
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