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SOAP: Account_UpdateFromDataArray: what is



Trying to update customer's Balance with Account_UpdateFromDataArray

But I am getting error:  The account '409' does not exist.

What is account #? Where I can find it? 409 is customers unique ID, but what is account #?

Tried to update customer's balance with Debtor_UpdateFromData - but balance wouldn't get updated.

In the whole my task is the next:

1) customers are borrowers in our system - they borrow 1000 for 6 months period (for example)

2) when we send money to the customers bank account - we should update his Balance in e-conomics with SOAP-request (how to do it?)

3) We also should send invoices to the borrower every month and when invoice paid - we should update balance of this borrower (customer) accordingly. So finally balance will became 0 (which means whole borrowed amount was paid off by borrower). (how to do it with SOAP?)





created Dec 15, 2015 by webmat
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hi webmat

1) Best bet is that you should use an invoice. Either sales invoice or manual debtor invoice. Depends on your scenario.

2) Customer balance is independent of bank transfer time. How you manage this is up to you.

3) When customer pays you back you create and book a DebtorPayment cashbook entry corresponding the amount.

I would recommend you attend one of our Getting Started with e-conomic web courses to get started with how stuff is handled in e-conomic. Secondly you should probably include your accountant/accounting for insights in to how they want this managed/arranged. https://www.e-conomic.dk/support/online-kurser
answered Dec 15, 2015 by olej
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