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Approved on TimeEntry_UpdateFromData

Hi e-conomic

I'm having trouble creating/updating Time entries with the "approved" flag set to true.

I've tried creating my TimeEntry by instantiate a TimeEntryData object and assign all relevant values and then create with TimeEntry_CreateFromData. And i've tried creating with TimeEntry_Create and then use that handle to update with TimeEntry_UpdateFromData (through TimeEntryData).

No matter what - the entries are created as they should except the Approved=true. Am I missing some setting?

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created Dec 15, 2015 by suro
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Hi suro

TimeEntries must be approved using TimeEntry_ApproveEntries

answered Dec 15, 2015 by olej
selected Dec 16, 2015 by suro
Thank you - that helped me a lot.
Now I'm on to the next step - What about MileageEntries? - I can't find a similar function for that...can you help again?... :o)
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