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Passing ID when calling DebtorContact_CreateFromData



As answered by the related post, I can not pass a "Number" when creating a debtor contact.
Is it possible to pass an ID instead, that the SOAP will actually use?

The reason I want this, is that if I create multiple contacts, I will get the following error, if I just pass "0" as the ID and/or Number.

Economic.Api.Exceptions.IntegrityException(E06010): The entity cannot be created because the key already exists.

I can "fix" this, by putting a manual delay on each call, but that is very inconvenient since I have to create ~6000 contacts programatically. It seems that the endpoint need "some time" before it can assign a new ID to a contact, since the last one was created.


Thank you in advance!

- Mathias Jakobsen

created Dec 21, 2015 by mathiasjakobsen
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Hi Mathias

Have you tried using DebtorContact_CreateFromDataArray ?

answered Dec 21, 2015 by olej
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