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Missing fields in api

Hi guys,
I am trying to transfer data from my existing accountant program to e-conomic. In particular i want to transfer the following:
debtorgroups and debtors
creditorgroups and creditors
productgroups and products
The REST api does not define debtorgroup, creditorgroup and productgroup, so i am using SOAP. With SOAP i am able to transfer 98% of the data. However some fields are missing:
- Notes
- AccessibleFromInventory
- FreightAccount
- SeperateFreightOnProducts
- etc...
- Notes
- Creditor product numbers
- EUAccount
- AbroadAccount
- Notes
Would anyone know how to set these fields?


created Dec 21, 2015 by gooky
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retagged Dec 22, 2015 by gooky
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1 Answer

Hi Gooky

- Notes are not exposed via API.
- Setting EU/Abroad accounts on ProductGroups is not exposed via API
- There is only one type of products in e-conomic: Products. Sometimes the BarCode is the shared reference.

SupplierGroups (inventory module) are not exposed via API.
answered Dec 23, 2015 by olej
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