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Large product table: use import or API


I have a potentially large product table (100.000 records).  S
hould I use the import CSV feature to import this to e-conomic or can the SOAP API handle this ?

created Dec 30, 2015 by PoulJ
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1 Answer

Hi Poul

NB: If you have any web hooks on products please remember to disable these before going any further.

You will most likely not be able to import 100.000 records at once via API. We recommend that you batch through the data at e.g. 2-5000 at a time. If Inventory is enabled on the agreement the batch size should be even lower.

CSV import is likely more efficient in this case allowing you to import these in 1 or 2 batches.
answered Jan 4, 2016 by olej
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