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SOAP: Why Customers balance is 0 after successful creating and booking invoice?


I create invoice with CurrentInvoice_CreateFromDataArray

I add some lines to invoice with CurrentInvoiceLine_CreateFromDataArray

I book invoice with CurrentInvoice_Book

But customer's Balance stays 0.00 ( I need it to be  -1242,35 )

Please see this screenshot for clarification

See? for some reason system creates 2 entries, so final balance is zero, why there are 2 entries?

How can I change customer's balance with SOAP, via creating and booking invoice? What am I doing wrong?


created Jan 3, 2016 by webmat
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1 Answer

Hi Natasha

You seem to be creating and booking a CashBookEntry (DebtorPayment) at the same time that balances the invoice.
e-conomic does NOT automatically balance an invoice and register it as paid with a payment entry.
answered Jan 4, 2016 by olej
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