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redirectUrl working after double encoding "&"



We are connecting to e-conomic API from our APP using the connect with token method as explained in the guide https://www.e-conomic.com/developer/tutorials

The redirect URL was working fine until last week when we noticed the additional parameter passed in the encoded URL is missing when redirected from e-conomic after granting access.


but this redirect was modfied as "yourdomain.com/economic-end-point?page=OurEndPoint" missing out the "tab" parameter.

When I double encoded the "&" like below example then it worked.


Can you please let me know why is this not working as it should be before?



created Jan 19, 2016 by alvinrosario
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Hi Alvin

There's a bug in the redirectURL handling of the requestAccess page changes that was deployed recently.
Fix will be in production no later than Jan 20th 2016 at 8 am.
answered Jan 19, 2016 by olej
selected Jan 20, 2016 by alvinrosario
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