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I would like to know the best practise on how to handle large data ex.

        $InvoiceHandles = $client->Debtor_GetInvoices(array('debtorHandle' => $debtorHandle))->Debtor_GetInvoicesResult->InvoiceHandle;
        $num_Invoices = count($InvoiceHandles);

        if($num_Invoices > 0)
            $Invoice .= "<h2>".$num_Invoices." faktura</h2>";
            if($num_Invoices > 1)
                $InvoiceDataObjects = $client->Invoice_GetDataArray(array('entityHandles' => $InvoiceHandles))->Invoice_GetDataArrayResult->InvoiceData;
                $InvoiceDataObjects[] = $client->Invoice_GetData(array('entityHandle' => $InvoiceHandles))->Invoice_GetDataResult;

Can i limit this om date og number of invoices?

i need invoicesfor the last 14momth

max 30 invoices
created Feb 3, 2016 by bahn
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Hi Bahn

To limit the number of invoices you'd like to get you could simply look at the handles returned in the array from Debtor_GetInvoices and select the 30 highest numbers.
This is assuming that you're booking invoices sequentially though. With only the handles there's no way to limit the array by date.

If you're looking for a date interval you'd look at Invoice_FindByDateInterval, get the array and then sort from that.

answered Feb 11, 2016 by olej


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