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Getting the error String value exceeds maximum length.


We have integrated this API for one of our client using PHP.

When we call the following function, we receive an error message.

The function call is as follows:

$result = $this->client->CurrentInvoice_CreateFromData(array( "data"=>$orderdata ))->CurrentInvoice_CreateFromDataResult->Id;

The error message is:

Economic.Api.Exceptions.ValidationException(E04000): String value exceeds maximum length.


Which data does it mean? This is rather urgent, hope to get some info soon.
created Mar 30, 2016 by scwebs
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It means that in one of your invoice drafts in your array you're exceeding the maximum String length supported.

A good tip is to use our RestDocs for insight into the limitations of the fields on an invoice:
answered Mar 30, 2016 by olej
selected Mar 30, 2016 by scwebs
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