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Payments in API


We're having difficulties finding payment registrations in API. Like the following (example from front-end). http://cl.ly/3S1u1W1e1C0Z

Is this possible to get from API?
created Apr 5, 2016 by matias_bruhn
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Hi Mathias

Payments are available via our SOAP API and are created as cashbook entries: CashBookEntry_CreateFromData.
Once booked the entries are accessible using the Entry_* (covers all entry types) , DebtorEntry_* and CreditorEntry_* methods.

SOAP Documentation: https://api.e-conomic.com/secure/api1/EconomicWebService.asmx

answered Apr 5, 2016 by olej
And payments are not available through REST API?
Hi again olej,

We've managed to get all cashbooks, this is the list of books we see via SOAP:

string(13) "Daglig - 2015"
string(13) "Indbetalinger"
string(10) "Lønninger"
string(12) "Kreditnotaer"
string(13) "Daglig - 2016"

Some of the do contain client-related payments, but we're unable to get related client VAT code (I keep getting some "I25  "), additionally we see that all returned entries have Type = "FinanceVoucher", there are no DebtorPayment or other types.

Could you provide an example on how to retrieve cashbook entries and debtors VAT code based on that entry.
Payments are not available on REST. Correct.

When you look at CashBooks you're actually looking at unbooked entries. As I read your comment you're looking for booked entries. Is that correct?

If so you should take a look the DebtorEntry_* methods and/or Debtor_GetEntries which will get you the entries on a select Debtor.

Finding a specific debtors vat setting is found on the debtor. The entry specific vat setting is found on the entry.
Thanks for the clarification Ole,

We will try this out!
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