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REST API - Booked Invoice Payment

Hi all,

I am currently using the REST API to get all booked invoices. It gives me the date the invoice was booked and a due date.

However I would like to calculate the time between the invoice was booked and the acutally payment happens.

I tried to look into the Entires endpoint, but could not find a way to do it. This endpoint is not documented.

Any ideas on how to get the payment date for a certain invoice?
created Apr 6, 2016 by denndk
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As of todays date (April 8 2016) there is no way to get that information via REST. You will need to use SOAP and look at :

We would very much like to create /invoices/booked/entries on REST. Unfortunately I cannot yet make any promises of if/when this will happen. But it's an endpoint that absolutely makes sense.
answered Apr 8, 2016 by olej
edited Apr 8, 2016 by olej
Hi Olej,

Thank you for your answer.

Looking forward to a REST solution, until then I would rely on the SOAP API instead.

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