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How to set custom Invoice number


Hi, I am using the SOAP API, and I would like to set the invoice number according to our internal system, but it seems that the PublicEntryNumber is not applied, how can I make it work?



created Apr 8, 2016 by PetrZdarsky
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1 Answer

That would be CurrentInvoice_BookWithNumber
answered Apr 8, 2016 by olej
That could work, but I would like to set the number before it was booked when the invoice is still a draft/ongoing.
That's not possible. Invoices are numbered sequentially based on when they're booked unless you bookWithNumber. Up until then they're drafts. As mentioned in other forum post: If you wish to set a custom reference for your system you may use otherReference which stays on a sales document across their Quotation/Order/CurrentInvoice/Invoice states.
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