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New integration, SOAP or REST


We are about to implement a new integration for a customer.

I am unsure if we should use SOAP or REST

I seems like that REST is far from fully implemented and documented yet, but reading at https://www.e-conomic.com/developer/choosing-your-api it seems like that REST might be the right choice.

So my question is, will REST be completely ready any time soon, or should we rely on SOAP? It seems like that the REST implementation it taking a long time for economic to complete.

Best regards Jimmy
created Apr 28, 2016 by esso
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1 Answer

Hi Jimmy

We're finishing REST per end-point and not as a complete package that must superceed SOAP in feature completion.
Any endpoint on REST that is marked as "stable" on the root of the REST API is ready for production use.
We are very close to having invoices-experimental move to /invoices (stable) so /invoices-experimental can very much be used as well already. Same goes for both /customers and /products as well as they are currently getting the final touches.

If you need any functionality that is not currently available in REST then the best advice is to use SOAP for that.
You may use both APIs at the same time.
answered Apr 29, 2016 by olej
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