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Hi All,

I am currently running a WooCommerce integration with E-conomic and it seems that all of the orders coming into E-conomic is with VAT, I need them to be without.

In my integration I have IsVatIncluded set to true, as I would expect that it meant that the total in WooCommerce is including VAT therefor it would be registered in e-conomic minus VAT.

But am I wrong? Should IsVatIncluded be set to false in order to have the orders created in E-conomic without tax?

Or am I completly wrong and do I have to set another property?

Thanks in advance
created May 2, 2016 by odinp123
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Hi Odin

IsVatIncluded is used to override Vat Zone setting on the sales document.

Sales documents (quotes, orders, invoice drafts):
VAT Zone = 1 (Domestic), 2 (EU), 3 (Abroad) or 4 (Domestic ex VAT). (int)
IsVatIncluded affects only Domestic and Domestic ex. VAT: 
True sets VatZone to 1 (VAT will be calculated/added)
False sets VatZone to 4 (VAT will not be calculated/added)
answered May 3, 2016 by olej
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