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First off all, i'm kinda new to all this API, so please feel free to ask me to elaborate the below if needed.

I've been trying to use  "Account_GetEntryTotalsByDate" to get data from e-conomics to excel with VBA.

I'm combining is with the "Account_GetAll" to request the "Account_GetEntryTotalsByDate" for all accounts.

I've had success with the "Account_GetDataArray", where my VBA code is setup to use a columnname as match for the results from API.

Ect. Column A: Number, B Name, C, Type ecs. And it works like a charm.

But when i look at "Account_GetEntryTotalsByDate", i see it as column A "decimal", B "decimal".

Hope someone can help :)

created Jun 7, 2016 by RickymQrk
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Hi Ricky

Account_GetData / Account_GetDataArray gives you information about the account and the current balance.

GetEntryTotalsByDate gives you the entry totals for one or more accounts for a certain date span which is a decimal.

When you're feeding Account_GetEntryTotalsByDate an array of account handles then you get an array of totals back in the same sort order as the input array.

If you need both the account data AND the entry totals by date then you need to call both the Account_GetDataArray and Account_GetEntryTotalsByDate with your Account_GetAll array.

If you have the account data already you can make a smaller call by only asking for totals for accounts of the types that make sense rather than asking for entry totals for all account types.
answered Jun 7, 2016 by olej
selected Jun 7, 2016 by RickymQrk
Hi Olej

Thanks for the advice! With your help i solved it :)
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