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Entry_FindByDateInterval Error on return



First off all, i'm kinda new to all this API, so please feel free to ask me to elaborate the below if needed.

I've been trying to use  "Entry_GetDataArray" to get data from e-conomics to excel with VBA.

I'm combining is with the "Entry_FindByDateInterval"" to request the "Entry_GetDataArray".

But when i'm getting the response it seems wrong - I get this text string: ""soap:ClientEconomic.Api.Exceptions.ValidationException(E04040): Unable to parse message. (id=4c9ec556-0a14-4b11-8348-847cc017fbeb)""

So i was wondering if anyone knows why i'm getting this and how to fix it? :)

Kind regards




created Jun 8, 2016 by RickymQrk
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Hi Ricky

"Unable to parse message" means that your XML was unparseable and you should inspect what you are actually sending. A proxy tool like the free "Fiddler" is a great tool in this regard as it will give you invaluable first-hand insights.

I've looked up your request in the logs and there was no XML included in the HTTP request. It was only headers.
answered Jun 13, 2016 by olej
selected Jun 20, 2016 by RickymQrk
Thank you for your response. With fresh eyes i saw that i had spelled wrong in my request. Stupid mistake :)


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