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Draft Invoice with SOAP API


I can see several mentions of draft invoices using the REST-api, however in the SOAP API documentation, I can't seem to be able find any information on draft-invoices.

I can only find CurrentInvoice's and a set of services for those. If I create a CurrentInvoice, will it be created as a draft? Or this there some other way to create draft invoices using the SOAP API?
created Jun 23, 2016 by pertdk
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1 Answer

Hi pertdk

CurrentInvoice === Draft Invoice

In general the SOAP API (for historical reasons) uses "Current" to denote draft status/editability.

Have a look at CurrentInvoice_CreateFromDataArray and CurrentInvoiceLine_CreateFromDataArray to get started.
answered Jun 23, 2016 by olej
Actually, that clears up a lot of confusion for me.
Thank you very much :-)
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