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Get number on current invoice

If I look at the list of invoices in e-conomic, the first column is called "Nr.".

However, if I get the list via the api CurrenctInvoices_GetAll(), and then CurrentInvoce_GetDataArray, I can't find this number anywhere.

Each currentinvoice just has an Id, which is not the same number as shown in the list in e-conomic.

Is there a way to get the "real" invoice no. instead of this Id?


BR. Kenneth Johnsen.
created Jun 24, 2016 by kejster
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Hi Kenneth

The SOAP API doesn't expose the temporal ID that is used in the GUI. To access this you will have to use the REST API. Here you can find the property "draftInvoiceNumber" on /invoices-experimental/drafts/

If you need to link the SOAP API CurrentInvoice handle Id with the REST endpoint you can take a look at the "soap" object on the draft: 

"soap": {
   "currentInvoiceHandle": {
   "id": 15
Or the other way around: use "soap.currentInvoiceHandle.id" to filter for the SOAP Id you're looking for (15 in this case):
answered Jun 27, 2016 by olej
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