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Changing the $ sign and removing Freight and adding TAX

Good day,
I need some help with the following script.
One: I need to change the $ sign under Price in the Email that is send to me and the customer. The $ sign must be an R like in the SUBTOTAL AND TOTAL.
Two: I need to remove the FREIGHT part at the bottom of the email.
Three:  I need to place the TAX amount between the SUBTOTAL and the TOTAL
Please if someone can help me or direct me to the right people or forums. Im 65 and Javascript is greek to me. Thanking you in advance.
Kees Meyer from Oudtshoorn in South Africa
Qty  Price(R)   Product ID  - Product Name
1    $18.00    Sample ID 001 - My Sample Product   Red
1    $18.00    Sample ID 001 - My Sample Product
TAX :  R5.04  (Insert)
TOTAL: R41.04
FREIGHT :   R0.00  (Remove)
Attached my checkout.pl file. All the changes need to be done on this file.
Please advise me where i can send my checkout.pl file to for inspection.
created Aug 9, 2016 by keesmarcha
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1 Answer


Hi Kees

Is your issue related to e-conomic APIs or are you looking for general coding help?
I might suggest you use stackoverflow.com as it is quite a bit more vibrant forum for general coding questions.

Regarding sharing your code I suggest you use something like codepen.io so people can read your code without having to handle files.

answered Aug 10, 2016 by olej
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