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Order send in trail account



i've a developer account.For testing purposes, using economic-api, i imported customer and product from a trial account and sent orders to the trial account which was working nicely. But from few days,when i try to export order to the ecnomic trial account i am getting the following error

Economic.Api.Exceptions.AuthorizationException(E03062): To use this feature you must be authorized to use orders (id=79c8d205-afb7-4604-a82e-082daf5a046c)

As a developer, i need to send orders to ecomomic to check whether it is working. How can i send order for tesing?

it is urgent.please let me know

Best Regards


created Aug 24, 2016 by sabbir
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retagged Aug 25, 2016 by sabbir
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1 Answer

Please ensure that you're using an AgreementGrantToken generated for an accounting agreement when connecting using tokens.
AgreementGrantTokens should not be generated with Developer and Administer credentials.
It is a bug that it is possible to generate an AgreementGrantToken while logged in as either and the possibility will be shut down again soon.
answered Aug 29, 2016 by olej
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