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Daybook and currrency

Hi guys

Anyone knows how a daybook with foreign currency is booked - does e-conomic handle the currency conversion to the local currency, or should the producer of the daybook determine that?
created Sep 2, 2016 by FarPay-Theodor
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1 Answer

Hi Theodor

When creating CashBook entries the property "AmountDefaultCurrency" is the amount in the base currency of the agreement.

"Amount" must be set to the amount selected in the "Currency" property.

An AmountDefaultCurrency of 0 is tecnhically invalid unless the entry is a 0-entry. Furthermore: Amount=X and AmountDefaultCurrency=0 is fully invalid and will mess up the accounting.

e-conomic uses AmountDefaultCurrency vs. Amount to calculate the exchange rate. So in short that is how you set the exchange rate via API.
answered Sep 2, 2016 by olej
To clarify what you are saying - in an Example when a daybook contains 10 EUR:
cashbook.Amount = 10 (euro)
cashbook.AmountDefaultCurrencty = 75 (DKK)


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