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Send invoice as PDF when booking the invoice


How do I sent out an email automatically when booking an invoice? I cannot find the API operation for this.

(I know how to do it manually via E-conomic.dk)

It is really right that I have to use .GetPDF on the invoice object and attach the PDF file to an email which I send out via my own script / mailserver? If so why not - at API level - give us the option to send the email via post@e-conomic.dk as other invoices are sent out by via www.e-conomic.dk?
created May 17, 2013 by Jens Kirk
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1 Answer

HI Jens

Without knowing it for a fact, I imagine the reason for this not beeing exposed to the API, is that we then could have some potential spamming issues where users could send unwanted emails with malicious content from our mail-server.
answered May 22, 2013 by mha
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