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Cashbooks, Projects and CostTypes in REST API


Hi, I have started migrating to the REST API and it seems that there's no support for the following entities:

  1. Cashbook / CashbookEntry
  2. Project
  3. CostType

Is there any ETA for each of these three? Alternatively, is there any workaround to manipulate them (while still using the REST API) ?

created Sep 26, 2016 by flavium31
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To interact with project module objects and cashbooks it is currently necessary to use the SOAP API.

We will start looking at CashBooks ("Accounting tab") this fall.

We very much wish to expose the project module in REST as well, but is not yet scheduled when we'll do that.
answered Sep 27, 2016 by olej
Any progress on the CashBooks ("Accounting tab")? The winter is coming
Yes. We're working on journals right now. ETA for something you can start working with is Q1. The project module on REST is scheduled for Q4.
Great! Where can I find the roadmap?

Now online: https://www.e-conomic.com/developer/api-roadmap
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