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Automatic download of stand export files

We have build our reporting around the stand csv. files which you can download in the Export function under Settings (the package send via email). We need to do this several times a day and would like to automate the process. I have looked at the API. We can get all the information here, but it's quite extensive to build an application exporting all this information. Especially when it's in the system as standard files already.

I have also been looking at the API for options to download the standard files but have not been able to come up with a solution.


Is it possible to download the standard files via API? Or can it be made possible?

Does anyone have an idea for a work around?

Thanks in advance,  Lars
created Nov 11, 2016 by LarsRolf
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edited Nov 11, 2016 by LarsRolf
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Hi Lars,

The e-conomic CSV export functionality is an application only feature.
You should be able to retrieve the data via our APIs. SOAP currently covers most and depending on the needed data it may currently be the faster option.

If you contact the API support we'll gladly help you pinpoint the most efficient method of achieving the data export.
answered Nov 14, 2016 by olej
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