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How to process arrears one company to another in Economics?

I have the situation when one company paid for another company their bill / invoice. For example company A paid for company B their bill for the telephone. 1) The question is how to make this entry in E-conomics? 2) Is it good way to create new account for this debt under chart of accounts?

Thanks in advance
created Nov 30, 2016 by Anna
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Hi Anna,

Your question is more related to business logic and accounting guidance and I suggest you ask in our general support forum for help on the matter.

Regarding the pure API aspect you will be looking at CashBookEntry_CreateFromDataArray or CashBookEntry_CreateFromData. To book the contents of the CashBook/Daybook/Kassekladde you can use CashBook_Book.

answered Nov 30, 2016 by olej
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