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SOAP - Get invoice number from CurrentInvoice


I'm using the soap-api for my integration and I have created an invoice with "CurrentInvoice_Create".

This works just fine and the function returns a "invoiceHandle" to me.

Now i would like to get the invoice number of the "CurrentInvoice" i just created. But I can't seem to find the right function to do this with.

I would like to store the "invoice number" so I have a reference to the invoice when i try to look it up in economic.
created Dec 14, 2016 by steffena
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1 Answer

Hi Steffen,

SOAP does not expose the "new" numbering that applies to draft invoices in the UI and REST.
We do however support filtering on REST /invoices/drafts so you can map that way using the soap.currentInvoiceHandle.id property on a draft.

Otherwise we suggest you use the OtherReference property on the sales document to uniquely identify it, which will then be shown in the "Other Reference" column in the UI just next to the Quotation / Order / Draft Invoice /  Number column.
answered Dec 14, 2016 by olej
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