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Expense id and name?

How do I get the expense id and name when I try to export expense entries (as project cashbook entries)  ?

I use project.GetEntries() and loop the entries on each project.

I can only see an account number, amount, a text string ex. " Udlæg for medarbejder 12 - Andrea" etc.

It is a bit tricky even to get the userid, because I have to split the text-string, but that part is now working for me. :)
created Jan 3, 2017 by kennex77
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1 Answer

Hi Kennex77
My immediate sense is that you're looking for project entry properties not exposed via API but can I ask you to please provide a screenshot of exactly which data in the application you're looking for?
answered Jan 3, 2017 by olej
Yes, here is a screenshot:

Hi Kennex,

This is Expenses which are not exposed via API.
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