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Booking of a CurrentSupplierInvoice via SOAP API

I'm wondering if i can book a supplier invoice via. the SOAP API.
-Methods i've found so far:
CurrentInvoice_book, which lets me book current invoices, but not supplier invoices. And CashBookEntry_CreateCreditorInvoice, which also does not let me book a supplier invoice.

Any help would be apprichiated!


less important question: Orders are still not available through the REST API, correct?

p.s svar på dansk ville også være hjælpsomme.
created Jan 19, 2017 by Patrick
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edited Jan 9, 2017 by Patrick
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Hi Patrick.

SOAP support for CurrentSupplierInvoice is fairly limited. Booking cannot be done via API and must be done via the GUI.
answered Jan 19, 2017 by olej
selected Jan 19, 2017 by Patrick
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