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Roadmap for REST api

Please, please, please give us some kind of roadmap for when the missing features of the REST api will be implemented.

Reading this forum, a lot of answers to various posts are something like "this feature is planned, not i cannot say when"

Could you at least give us some sort of prioritized list of endpoints you are planning/hoping to work on?

I know deadlines are hard to give, but it would be *really really* helpful to at least have a indication of "what's next, and what's going to take a long time"
created Jan 19, 2017 by Hoyer
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Hi Hoyer

We will be announcing a public roadmap any day now. Please sign up for our newsletter (https://www.e-conomic.com/developer/developer-newsletter) or follow our twitter (@economicAPI) to get notified as soon as possible in this regard.

The roadmap will be exactly that: A prioritized list of what we'll be working on as estimated into the years quarters.
answered Jan 19, 2017 by olej
Does "any day now" mean within the next few months?
@dbi Thanks! So did I miss it or has it just been released? I don't see it on Twitter and haven't received any newsletter. I'm curious where I should be looking first in future scenarios.
@abv, you are welcome!

It was out last Friday, but we had quite a bit of communication going on - so we will post a Tweet about it in upcoming days, now I am reaching out to people explicitly asking for it - such as you ;)

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