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REST: Send invoice

The /invoices/booked/ endpoint only supports sending via mobilepay.

When (if) do you expect to support sending via e-mail and ean?

The roadmap mentions EAN:

But what about email?
created Feb 14, 2017 by Hoyer
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edited Feb 15, 2017 by Hoyer
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Hi Henrik,

I am strongly believing in the future technology and techniques. e-mail seems to be quite out-dated, thereby we focus primarily on new/fresh approaches when it comes to invoice sending. I am also assuming that if you really rely on mails, you can handle them from your own solution using current APIs. EAN in comparison offers completely new workflows, that are not supported now at all. We do want to release EAN in Q2, mail -> no plans for now.

answered Feb 15, 2017 by dbi
Currently we handle both e-mail, ean and mobilepay in our own application (360 Business Tool) but some customers have asked if they can be sent by e-conomic instead.

E-mails is still 99% of the invoices sent, and they therefore would like *one solution* for all sending; e-mail, ean, mobilepay etc.

I understand their concerns; their receivers gets confused when the senderaddress (on the emails) is different on invoices, dunning emails etc.
Hi Henrik,

I do totally understand this point, and concerns are perfectly valid, but looking from the product perspective I would like to focus on enabling entirely new possibilities instead.

If customers are confused their might be informed in advance about sender being different than e-conomic.

Obviously this will be something that we will take into consideration, but I can provide you any ETA for that particular item.

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