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Can I expect to see the discounts as an amount?


I am integrating a webshop system, and in the webshop we have discounts as amounts and percentages.

This means a product costing 2400 might have a discount of 400, and converted to percentage this is 16.666666667% which in economic becomes 16.67%. When I use that on an orderLine the total of that line becomes 1999.92 and not the wanted 2000.00

Right now the only option I have is to limit our webshop possibilities and force shops using Economic, to have ugly prices because the discount has to be a percentage.

I need a solution, because this is not good business for Economic or us!
created Dec 6, 2012 by ulrich
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1 Answer

Hi Ulrich,

I have forwarded you change request to the right people, but cannot give any indication if we will change this and when.
answered Dec 11, 2012 by nkn
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