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Problem in invoice_FindByDateInterval()

The invoice_FindByDateInterval() is [u:18sc12r0]not [/u:18sc12r0]working as expected
I called it with the following parameters:
First: 2013-02-01T10:46:19.000+01:00
Last: 2013-02-01T10:48:29.172+01:00

and returns 0 invoices even there is an invoice booked in this interval.

Could you check what is wrong?

created Feb 1, 2013 by anonymous

1 Answer


Invoice dates have no time - which means, in practice, their time is 00:00:00.

Therefore, if you remove the time part of your date interval, you should be fine.

Best regards,
answered Feb 2, 2013 by Christian Estrup
Visma e-conomic A/S