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Automatic match scanned documents on verificationsnumber


Please please please. Add the ability to send a scanned document to the scanning email so it can be automatically matched to a verification number. This would save hours of clicking around to attach documents to specific verifications and trying to find them among thousands of other verifications...

Something really simple like mentioning the verification number in the e-mail subject line like:

<VerificationNr:1234567> and e-conomic would automatically attach that number to the PDF. So all you have to do is login and click the button and it would attach the PDF to the verification.

This would save us HOURS!!!

And please don't suggest the API (if it is even possible), this solution is simple and elegant and easy to implement.... without creating a super complex system.

created May 21, 2013 by Zyme
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Hi Zyme,


Seeing as you're posting your suggestion in our API forum, I can't help suggest that this would actually be entirely possible for someone to do as an integration/app: Pick up the scanned docs from the mail account, parse the subject, and attach the scanned document accordingly via the API.

In any case, regardless of how the scanned document gets into e-conomic, you'd need not only the voucher number, but also an accounting year: Since some people are re-starting their voucher number series' in each new accounting year, scanned docs are effectively linked to a combination of voucher number and accounting year.


Best regards,
answered May 27, 2013 by Christian Estrup
Yes I realize this, but not sure where to send suggestions... send this suggestion to whoever develops the scanning module...

If there is a developer who has and knows how to fix this with PHP using the API, feel free to contact me...
Which API function adds a text to the scanned document? It does not seem possible when you upload it?
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